Don’t let the Water Companies Hide Pollution.
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Don’t let the Water Companies Hide Pollution.

Don’t Let Water Companies Hide Pollution

A legal right for the public to know what damage privatised water companies are causing to rivers, lakes and coastal waters is under threat as part of a Government Bill currently progressing through Parliament.

The right to access this information was established by Fish Legal in 2015, after a 6-year legal battle against United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Government, who joined with the water companies in the action after it was referred to the European Court of Justice.

The case, brought on behalf of anglers by Fish Legal, established that privatised water in England & Wales are ‘public authorities’ for the purposes of the Environmental Information Regulations (2004) and therefore under a legal duty to disclose environmental information they hold to the public.

Without this access to information the current groundswell of press interest in pollution in our rivers wouldn’t be happening.

However, the Environmental Information Regulations are one of 1,781 laws currently being reviewed for repeal by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs under the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill 2022.

It’s essential that we stop this access to information being closed off.

Petition: Protect the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004