Ross Angling Club back River Action charity in the High Court.
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Ross Angling Club back River Action charity in the High Court.

Ross-on-Wye Angling Club backs River Action legal claim against the Environment Agency

Ross-on-Wye Angling Club (ROWAC)has thrown its weight behind legal action brought by campaign group River Action against the Environment Agency, for failing to prevent harm caused to the river Wye.

In its High Court judicial review, River Action claim that the Environment Agency is failing to apply the Farming Rules for Water, introduced in 2018, which are regulations designed to control the spreading of excess organic manure. This is a major contributor to phosphorus pollution, which causes the algal blooms that have led to the loss of 90% of the river’s famous and protected Ranunculus water weed.

Commenting on this latest initiative from River Action, ROWAC chair Rob Leather, said: “We appreciate that the Environment Agency is chronically underfunded and hamstrung by political intervention in its work, but if it is failing to apply the powers that it does possess, it is right and proper that it is held to account in the High Court.

“Charles Watson and his team at River Action deserve the thanks and gratitude of all anglers for the hard-hitting work they are doing to highlight the abuse and degradation of the river Wye. That’s why ROWAC has already established a strong link with the organisation and why we have added our voice to support this latest vital contribution to fight for the future of our river.”

Full details of River Action’s High Court judicial review against the Environment Agency can be found at: