Risk Assesment

1. Vehicle parking and fishery access
Travel and parkingExiting vehicles on busy roads, crossing major roads (A40)MediumTraffic awareness, Highway CodeAvoid crossing highway at busiest times.A40 is particularly hazardous with fast traffic, park close to kerb on lay-bys.
River accessSlips and falls on steps, uneven, overgrown ground and on slippery stiles. Strains from lifting heavy gear over stiles.LowUse designated paths and access points. Do not attempt cross barbed wire fences.Reduce carried gear. Take care on concrete steps off A40 near Rd Bridge.Report uneven paths and damaged stiles.
Access to fishing swimsSlippery banks especially after floods. Undercut banks & collapse leading to fall into the river. MediumAwareness of risk. Use of rope and spike and use of crampons. Access swims within capabilityMaintaining access/numbering of swims.
Wading in riverGetting out of depth, losing footing and fast currents.MediumOnly wade in wadeable areas. Use of floatation device, use pole to check depth.Beware especially in higher water levels.
2. Fishing activities
Young anglers (under 18)Slipping/ falling in the river.MediumJuniors must be accompanied by adult.Supervision at all times by adult. Fish double swims.Clear Club Rules.
Fishing under treesFalling trees and branches, especially in high wind.LowCheck trees for obvious hazards before fishing.Report dangerous trees.
Fishing near power linesElectrocutionLowAvoid fishing near power lines.Ensure signage remains in place.
CastingHeavy weight and hook hazards to boaters on the river and others nearby.LowBe observant all around as well as in front when casting. Wait for boats to passCarry first aid materials. Consider use of barbless hooks.
Maintaining safe fishing positionsSlipping/falling in river from high/slippery bank.MediumFind suitably level fishing location and level up bank within reason. Adjustable legs on chairs and boxes.Only access fishing positions within personal capabilities.
Fishing in ThunderstormLightning strike.LowAvoid being isolated in the open.Consider stopping fishing in storm.Take care, a rare but not impossible event.
3. Environmental hazards
Livestock, horses, dogsBeing trampled, bitten or attacked.LowKeep to designated paths around fields, keep away from stock animals.All dogs must be on lead in stock fields.Report any incidents to Club.
Wildlife Being attacked by swans, geese and other wildlife.LowRarely aggressive but will protect young. Avoid wildlife & nesting areas.Don’t alarm wildlife. Do not cast near wildlife, wait for it to pass.
InsectsSummer bites and stings.LowKeep away from wasp nests.Consider insect repellent.
PlantsContact with toxic plants such as Giant Hogweed.LowCare when accessing swims through undergrowth.Use designated/cleared swims.Report any Giant Hogweed to Club.
The sunSunburn and heat exhaustion.LowCover up, head gear and sunscreen.Take water in summer fishing.
Infectious diseaseWiel's disease and other infections.LowHand washing, alcohol wipes and gels, care to cover cuts.
4. Club Working Parties
Lone workingIll health, collapse, falling in river.MediumNo lone workingWork only in teams.Remind and brief work party before start.
Working with power toolsSerious injuries and amputationsLowOnly trained and experienced operators Chain saw operators must wear appropriate PPE.
Sharp toolsCutsLowCare in use especially when working in teams.Manage safely when not in use on bank to avoid injuries.
Falling trees and branchesImpact injuriesLowSupervisor by experienced operatorsCorden work area in hazardous operations. Ensure there is safe control of cut timber.Don’t take on more than group capabilities.
Manual handlingSprains and strainsMediumOnly take on what you can manage, ask for assistanceUse of barrows and mechanical equipment if available.Plan operations and consider plant where necessary for more extensive operations.
Working in waterDrowning by being out of depthMediumUse of floatation devices, supervision of operations, working in teams.Take care in bankside mud, check mud and water depth before entering. Careful supervision by Club.
Working after floodsBanks become even more hazardous and slippery.MediumMake recce and assessment before work parties.Consider cancelation of work parties after recent flooding.
First Aid provisionNon availability for treating injuries. MediumEnsure basic first aid materials are available at work parties.
5. Club Events
Arrival of members and guests.Vehicle collisions when exiting dual carriageway to venue location carparking.
Pedestrian accidents accessing venue by foot.
MediumAnticipate numbers attending and allow adequate car parking. Ensure clear signage on road and to vehicle car parking. Supervise car parking to get vehicles off road quickly to avoid queueing on dual carriageway.
Consider wet weather and effect it might have on venue parking.
Appointment of event organiser to oversee all safety and management arrangements.
Will much depend on venue location. Consider wide window on arrival time.
Access to venue. Slips, trip and falls to paths to venue.LowCut grass on paths to venue and provide signage if needed.Attendees advise to ensure dogs and controlled and on leads.
Ensure any herd animals are contained or taken account of.
At venue.Risk of fires, danger to persons and property.
Falls into river.
Provide hard surface for personal barbeques.
Care and precautions with smoking and discarded cigarette ends. Provision of sand buckets and means of extinguishing small fires.
Provision of floatation ring and rope.
Adequate supervision and sensible event management.
No smoking in huts or buildings.
Sensible first aid provision by way of a first aid box.
Provision of waste bin and means of dealing safely with hot barbeque remains.
Dispersal.Exiting venue car park on to dual carriageway, risk of accidents.
Subsequent fire as a result of waste material left.
Injury to stock animals from waste material left.
Low/MediumAdvise members and guest verbally when they leave or provide advice sign on exiting car park.
Sweep of event area to ensure all waste material is left on site.
Designated committee member to ensure area is left clear and safe with all gates closed.