Angling Club back River Actions plan to Save the Wye.
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Angling Club back River Actions plan to Save the Wye.


Members of Ross-on-Wye Angling Club (ROWAC) have given their backing to the launch of a hard-hitting campaign to save the river Wye from environmental destruction.

The Plan to Save the Wye has been produced by campaigning charity River Action and calls for immediate action from government and regulators to address seven key areas of major concern affecting the river.

Launched on 8th February, the Plan proposes:

  • a planning moratorium on all new livestock units in the Wye catchment
  • binding manure management/run-off mitigation plans for broiler and free range IPUs (intensive poultry units)
  • lowering of the current licensing threshold to include mid/small sized IPUs
  • mandatory nature-based river buffers throughout the catchment
  • additional funding for the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales to manage the plan on a catchment-wide basis  
  • Inclusion of Anaerobic Digestors in nutrient management requirements
  • uncompromising enforcement – with IPU closure for non-compliance


Rob Leather, chairman of ROWAC, said: “The Wye is being systematically poisoned by unchecked agricultural pollution and sewage discharge and is facing the real prospect of complete environmental destruction.

While the government and water authorities stand impotently by, River Action is taking the lead in calling for radical and immediate action to address this appalling situation. They have the complete backing and endorsement of the club and our membership.”

River Action’s Plan to Save the Wye can be viewed and downloaded at