The Club gains a new barbel enthusiast.
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The Club gains a new barbel enthusiast.

I had a note from member Ash Bailey telling me the story of his son’s first barbel.

Ash tells me his son Ray who is 11 is a really keen angler who loves to fish the Weirend stretch of the Clubs waters. Ash recounted their father and son catch record isn’t amazing; we’re there for the peace, the scenery and the father/son chat!  The odd fish is a bonus.  We’ve had loads of nice chub, and I’ve had a few barbel.

Ray’s never caught a barbel on his own, without any help.  On Sunday he lobbed a big feeder with an suitably large chunk of spam way across the river and waited.  After 3-4 minutes the reel was feeding out line; thank Lord he’d set the clutch!

He knew it was a barbel from the fight he was having, and wanted to give me the rod!  I refused; he enjoyed the fight and took great delight in his first barbel.  Weighed her; 8lb 10oz, quick photo and safely back in the water after some rest in the net.

One happy son, with a fish he’ll never forget, but his expectations now are set very high.  He owes me though – my landing net handle snapped as I lifted the fish from the water!


Well done Ray and many more barbel to your rod. The smile on your face tells a story that will long be remembered in the Bailey household.