New Fishing Platforms for the Park.
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New Fishing Platforms for the Park.

At last after about 3 years of trials and tribulations new fishing platforms are going to be erected in the Riverside Park at Ross for the benefit of Members and visiting anglers alike.

This has been on the agenda of Ross Angling Club for a few years now but high water during the winter period plus issues with permissions from the Environment Agency and of course Covid have all done their bit to throw a spanner in the works but Committee man Kim Harman has followed through with the project and Saturday last was seen with willow expert Dave Jackson measuring up for the fishing platforms in the Park.

Dave is an expert in the use of living willow used as reinforcement on Riverbanks and his expertise lends itself well to building platforms made of live willow. In the photo Dave Jackson and Kim Harman are measuring the bank in preparation, Kim with his clipboard!

The good news is that Ross Town Council have indicated they will share the cost of the project by matching the money put in by the Angling Club. It is hoped that given favourable conditions over winter the first of the platforms will be installed by March 2022.