Weirend Fishery – River Wye.

Venue Description

Weirend is longest stretch of the River Wye fished by the members of Ross Angling Club. It is also the location of the Clubs Salmon fishery. All our fishery is on the right bank looking downstream. The river on this section is a bit wilder with different swims around every corner. Like Benhall some longer walks are required to get to some of the prime pegs but it is well worth it. Having said that one of the best swims is a short walk from the Clubs Weirend car park.

The water is approximately two and half miles long and stretches from about 800 yards downstream of the old Wilton Bridge to a stile near Pencraig. Both the upper and the lower end of Weirend is marked by large notices as are all our waters.

As one passes downstream from Wilton Bridge the member will find that the first field is hardly used by members at all and consists of a good deal of shallower water but at the first field boundary at a kissing gate the water gets much deeper. From this location to the salmon hut the water is much favoured by barbel anglers.

From the salmon hut to the bottom of the Weirend stretch is a series of pools and shallow sections the nature of which is best seen in low water. This stretch is frequented most by the Salmon section of the Club. The first field of this stretch has several salmon croys which out of salmon season are frequented by those fishing for coarse fish especially large pike.

Below the first field is arable land and continues the pool and riffle theme all the way to the Bottom Pool which is one of the deeper sections.

Barbel are caught in considerable numbers on this stretch and the favoured location is just upstream of the salmon hut. Ledgering with pellet and meat is the favoured method. Chub and dace are also caught here using trotting methods. The stretch has become the home of large carp in the past few years with carp in excess of 20lb being caught especially in the summer. Pike are caught anywhere on this stretch using deadbaiting  and Weirend lends itself to roving trying here and there for half hour or so before moving on to the next likely looking hole. Pike here grow to 30lb or more.

The salmon fishing in our waters is fantastic value when compared with other salmon fishing on the Wye which can be as high as £60 or more for a day’s salmon fishing. Situated between Backney beat upstream and Goodrich Court downstream they include much of the water fished by Robert Pashley the most successful Wye salmon angler of all time with 10000 salmon to his rod during his lifetime. Considered best as a spring salmon fishery with prime fishing in the early months of the salmon season.  The waters are suitable for both spinning and fly fishing depending on location and river conditions. A well appointed salmon hut is available to members with power and water laid on for making hot drinks.

2016 was the best season for many years with 44 salmon being landed, 28 fish caught on fly with the remainder caught using spinning methods. Our 5 year average falls to 17 for 2021. Notable fish caught in the last 4 years include a 30lb fish in 2019 as well as 28lb and 26lb. In 2013 and 2014 all our salmon came to the fly. The salmon fishing on this stretch though not as good as it once was still give the angler the chance of landing a large fighting salmon.

Location & Access

Weirend Fishery is parallel to the A40 heading in the direction of Monmouth throughout its length. The access to the River is only via the places clearly marked with Club signs. There are gateways where it is clearly marked that there is no access to anglers. Respect these signs.

Access to the Weirend Fishery can be made from 3 points.

1. On foot from Wilton Bridge. Down Wilton Lane past the White Lion pub to join the footpath which follows the River through a kissing gate. Go straight through the first field where we have NO FISHING RIGHTS and our waters start in the second field. Where you will find Club notices.

2. From the Weirend Club carpark which is about one mile along the A40 in the direction of Monmouth from the Wilton roundabout just before the first house on the left. The code for the combination lock is changed every year and will be advised to the Membership on gaining or renewing membership and will be the same as the Benhall carpark combination.

3. From a field gateway about another half a mile further on from the Club carpark just after the Glewstone turning off the A40. There are Club notices in the gateway so you’ll know you are in the right place. Park on the tarmac slope or in the field hard against the slope. DO NOT BLOCK THE GATE OR IMPEDE FARM TRAFFIC. Walk straight down the track to the River do not walk through the crops.

Known Species

  • Barbel
  • Brown Trout
  • Carp
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Eel
  • Grayling
  • Mirror Carp
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Roach
  • Salmon
  • Sea Trout