Last cast of 2023!!!
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Last cast of 2023!!!

On the last day of the year I’m posting this from Robert Leather our hard working Chairman. Hopefully members can look forward to similar catches themselves in 2024. Rob seems to specialise in results from last casts! So in his own words it’s over to Rob.

“Two bites from various swims in the town section after 4 hours of hard fishing.  River was 1.5 m up, and the weather very mild.  I caught this super barbel on a single 8mm pellet and long hooklength with no feed going in.
Was literally last cast if the year. Initially thought it was a chub that had dragged me into a snag, then the snag started pulsing upstream. No line stopping runs, just a deep heavy weight that eventually came to the net.  Using pre-stretched 18lb line, with 11lb hook length in the winter, it was a waiting game. My scales had run out of batteries (lack of use!) so I had to call my son to bring his to me.
She topped out at 10lb 12oz. A lovely result for my last fishing trip of 2023!