Club Member goes the extra mile..
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Club Member goes the extra mile..

We have some excellent members always willing to go the extra yard for others as Committee member Julian Lane can testify having lost his wallet in Weirend carpark sometime on Saturday when putting his kit in the car as he left.

Julian said “I would like to thank the very kind ROWAC member that returned my wallet to my home yesterday after finding it at Weirend Carpark. The wallet had fallen out of my pocket, unbeknownst to me, when packing up in the evening. I had nothing to offer the gent and his son when they arrived with my wallet so as a thank you I have purchased a ROWAC cap for the young lad.”

They left Julians home without him finding out who they were so If they could please drop him an email to so he can give the cap to the youngster it would be appreciated.


Many thanks,