Monster Trout for Rob.

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Rob Leather took this monster when he went down to the Wye with his son never really meaning to fish at all, but when he spotted perch crashing into baitfish he borrowed a 13 foot float rod to put a … Continued

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Theo strikes gold!

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Committee member Rob Leather sent me a couple of photos of his son Theo with barbel he caught earlier in the season. Theo has been having lots of success not only with standard ledgering tactics but also float fishing. He … Continued

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Specimens from Club waters.

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The fishing during the first few weeks of the coarse season is generally a bit slow for many members of the Club. Static methods may not be suited to this time of the year and it may be better to … Continued

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First ever barbel for Ollie.

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13 year old new member Oliver Edwards fishing with his Dad on the Town Waters in Ross scored his first ever barbel on the second trip to the River since the start of the season. The fish in pristine condition … Continued

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Fish Legal to act for Ross AC.

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Fish Legal acting for Ross Angling Club have told the Welsh Government authority Natural Resources Wales that they must investigate and stem the increase in phosphates thought to be coming from poultry farms in the head waters of the Wye … Continued

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Lost on Benhall

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One of the members appears to have dropped a Fox rig pouch/wallet on the bank on Benhall walking back to the carpark from the top of our waters it was picked up today Tuesday 30th June by a salmon member … Continued

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They are there!

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The carp caught recently by Mick Palfrey had Gary Kent feverishly looking through his old photos for the photo of his son Liam with a carp caught from Weirend in 2015. It weighed 17lb 3oz and Committee member Gary is … Continued

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Hopeful start to the coarse season.

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It has been quite a good start for the Clubs coarse members despite all the concerns about dealing with the Covid pandemic with a good mixture of Chub, Barbel and even decent Dace on feeder tactics from all stretches on … Continued

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Concerns grow about Wye algae.

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Many anglers and environmentalists have noticed that the clear waters of the River Wye have become a putrid green colour again this year during April and May due to a severe algal bloom not helped by unseasonal high temperatures. Exacerbated … Continued

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