For many years the River Wye has been famous for its Salmon Fishing. But over the last 20 years the river has become a superb coarse fishery. We at Ross on Wye Angling Club are very lucky to have some of the best waters on the Wye.

In all the club has upwards of 5 miles of prime coarse fishing. We have a mix of anglers in the club, covering Specimen, Salmon and Pleasure.

Methods for the coarse fish vary between the target species and the angler but include feeder, straight lead, stick float, chubber, waggler etc. This will also be dependent on the area fished as this area of the Wye can range in depths from 1ft to 12ft, the types of swims vary between fast shallows and deeper glides on the many bends and features that the river has. Many anglers stay in one swim and others take a roving approach (it depends how fit you are!). Pike abound in Ross AC waters with fish well in excess of 20lb often caught.

The area around Wilton Bridge (Benhall Beat) is particularly popular as one side of the river is members only and the roadside fishery is day ticket available to both visitor and members. There is a car park close by and the fishing is very, very good. Fishing upstream of the new bridge on the Upper Benhall beat is also very good though some good pegs are a long walk from the car.

Below Ross on Wye the Weir End beat also offers the coarse angler excellent fishing opportunities. The river on this section is a bit wilder with different swims around every corner. Again as Benhall some longer walks are required to get to some of the prime pegs but it is well worth it. Having said that one of the best pegs is a short walk from the Clubs car park.

Out of the salmon season we also have access to some very good fishing on the Sellack beat. This is approximately 11/2 miles of very good coarse fishing. One of its best features is that it is very peaceful being a long way away from the main roads.

We also have exchange card agreements with several clubs to give members access to even more waters.

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