Members must keep a record of their visits and record them either in the Salmon Log at the Weirend hut or via text or recorded message with the Clubs Recorder. Height of water and general conditions along with any sightings are appreciated.

Anglers are permitted on the water one hour before sunrise and must leave the water no later than one hour after sunset according to Meteorological Office data.

Anglers must be in possession of a valid National Rod Licence for migratory fish when fishing. Club bailiffs will ask to see these when checking Club permits.

EA rules for salmon angling must be observed at all times.

Guest permits are available for members by prior arrangement with the Club Recorder at a cost to the member of £30. These can be obtained 3 times in any one season per member.

Members must not build or modify croys’ or interfere with the River bank in any way without first gaining permission from the committee.

The salmon season is from 3rd March until 17th October both days inclusive. Members can fly fish throughout the season but can only spin for salmon from 3rd March until 31st August.

On occasions when there are waiting anglers, members are expected to fish through the pool then return to wait behind any other anglers wishing to fish the pool.

On the Weirend beat Salmon anglers have priority on designated White Post catches during the salmon season.

All coarse fish must be returned unharmed to the River.

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales require that all salmon shall be returned to the River and to facilitate this barbless hooks are recommended.

All salmon caught must be recorded either in the Salmon Log at Weirend or with the Clubs Recorder by text or recorded message. Size of fish, method and location of capture must also be recorded.

BENHALL BEAT Access is via the A40 Bridge. On the Benhall beat salmon anglers have no priority over coarse anglers.

WEIREND BEAT Access to the fishing is only via points described on the beat maps at A, B and D. Cars are not to be parked in field entrances. At access A there is a members car park which must be locked at all times. The combinations for the locks will be given on membership cards and must not be passed on to any other person. Please ensure that the salmon hut is locked when not in use. Boundaries of the beat are clearly marked by Club signs.

Anglers using the salmon hut must ensure the electricity is turn of at the fuse box when the hut is vacated. Rubbish must be taken away from the hut and anglers must ensure the hut door and the gate are closed when they leave.


All boats are under the control of the Committee and are primarily for use in crossing the River to our fishing’s on the Cubberley bank. Anglers may utilise the boat for fishing but this must be mutually agreed with other salmon anglers fishing that day. The boat is not to be taken downstream of the salmon hut or to be taken out of sight of the salmon hut upstream.

Anglers use the boat AT THEIR OWN RISK and must not hinder any other anglers fishing the banks.

The boat is NOT to be used when the River gauge at the salmon hut is above 1 metre.

The boat is to be secured by the last angler to use it and the oars returned to the salmon hut.

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