7 Weeks to the Salmon season.

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View of newly opened up bank on Wierend Fishery. Click photo for a better image.


Roll on the 3rd of March, just 7 weeks to go to the 2019 Salmon season and the Club have been working hard to improve the fishery and make it easier for members to access. Years of neglect have made many parts of the Wye inaccessible for anglers when with the removal of branches and boughs on the ubiquitous willow and alder make it a much more angler friendly river but the Ross Club have been coppicing trees to make our fishery more accessible not only for salmon anglers but coarse anglers also benefit. The trees are resilient and the process will no doubt be required again in a few years time.

So member will have 3 new catches to fish with good water at just one rod length into potential salmon holding water of 5ft to 6ft deep. Anglers will be shown the new catches on Fishery Tour days. The Club has opened up about 150 metres of bank over winter on the Weirend stretch with more work to be done.

The Club currently has a waiting list for prospective members with local anglers getting preferential access but don’t let that stop you putting your name on the waiting list. See the form on the Membership page.

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