Salmon season just around the corner..

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There are only 12 weeks until the start of the 2019 salmon season. We don’t know what the season will be like but compared to 2018 it just has to be better.

Over the winter months we are making further improvements to the fishery by doing some much needed bank work to clear trees which prevented members from wading and fishing. Head bailiff Mike Evans has taken down two big boughs off a clump of willows which have been tethered to the bank whilst members cut them into small pieces.




Further upstream in our Weirend section members have removed a troublesome stand of bankside willows and alders which prevent fishers from fishing an inside deeper channel of about 5ft depth which has not been fished for years because the trees endangered anglers by pushing them further out into the fast flowing river. Members will be able now to fish for salmon off the bank in high water with a real chance of fish. So come 3rd of March next year we shall have at least two new places where members stand a good chance of catching a silver tourist.





There is more work to be done over the winter with a new carpark at Benhall for members and some new stiles to help members over the dreaded electric fences or replace old stiles well past their pension. There will be a work party on Weirend for the salmon members to clear up the banks in preparation for the 2019 salmon season.

High water during the winter is always problematic when it comes to doing bank maintenance if any member wants to help on an ad hoc basis give Trevor a call on his home or mobile phone and a job will be sorted out to suit your time and any kit you may have.


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