Ross on Wye AC. – Salmon Report 2018

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A full version of this report was sent to members. if anyone wants a full version of this report contact Trevor Hyde via Email.

2018 will be a year best forgotten not only for Ross on Wye Angling Club but also for the Wye in general. The total for the River this year is 518 which is less than half the total for 2017, which was 1186 fish. Only 10 beats on the whole River reached double figure quantities The Clubs total for the year is a miserable 8 fish.  5 of these caught on fly and 3 on spinning methods. Next beat upstream at Backney had 1 fish and Goodrich Court next beat down had 9 fish. Our 5 year average because of a bad years in 2014/2015 actually rises to 20.

Two notable fish this year fell to Lukasz Jastrzab who had a personal best 21lb fish on a flying C from Weirend on 26th April and Richard Woodhouse had a 20.5lb cock fish on a stoats tail tube fly from the Cubberley bank on 8th May and that was the last fish caught until we had better conditions at the end of the season in October.

First weekend was very cold with snow still on the ground after a long period of cold weather and a serious amount of snow for the first time in many years. Water level was low but obviously very cold with ice, known as grue, floating in the River. First week-end produced a kelt to Lukasz Jastrabz but nothing else. Several anglers out in the cold.

Then the weather turned warmer and snow melt with extra rain to make matters worse brought the river up to 3 metres and the river was out for 3 weeks. Once the water was down to a fishable level first fish of the season a 19.5lb cockfish came to Jon Daniels on the 25th March. We lost another couple of weeks of fishing in early April.

After May the weather turned seriously hot and the River dwindled away under the influence of abstraction and lack of rainfall.

The year will also be remembered for the hot weather through the months of June, July, August and September with the salmon fishing being halted by the Committee of the Club for the first time in my experience for the whole of July and August up until the 20th. River conditions were dangerous to fish life in the River with low oxygen and high water temperatures reaching 25 degrees Celsius on several days.

The River only came right for salmon angling in the last week of September after a spate on the 20th September. Although a few members were out there was nothing to report until Matt Cooper had 2 fish on the 2nd from Benhall and 5th of October from Weirend on his favourite shrimp fly. The season was finished off by rain on 12th and 13th of October (4.5 inch on my gauge at home) resulting in a massive 4.2 metre flood and no more fishing was possible. This year we lost approximately 14 weeks of the season to spate and low water conditions. Fishing effort was low this year understandably with a number of members apparently never wetting a line.

I want to thank a few salmon members for their invaluable work over the course of the season; Richard Woodhouse and Jon Daniels who are always around when asked for help, Mike Hoddell for his help this season with various unglamorous tasks and Mick Palfrey who does so much work not only for the Salmon section but for the Club as a whole.

Work is needed over the winter to make the banks safe for fishing when the River is too high to wade. Much work is needed in the Loo/Watkins field to make the crib catches accessible to all, recut the steps, access ropes etc. There are numerous trees and bushes to be trimmed so we can fish

those small catches where summer growth has made them inaccessible. I’ve asked Mike the Club Bailiff to deal with two big trees which prevent us from fishing fully on the Weirend stretch. The ladder installed on Weirend needs securing permanently allowing salmon anglers to fish the whole of Hom Pil wading from the top end. I will try to organise some work parties for the salmon section over the winter. Finally I intend next season to again show members the Water on a couple of dates, this is especially of interest to new members. My weekly text messages will continue in 2019, lets hope we have a better year.

Trevor Hyde.

List of Salmon caught and hooked but lost by members in Ross on Wye AC waters during 2018, RG refers to the height of river on the Environment Agency’s Ross gauge.

25/03/2018 Jon Daniels 19lb cock from Weirend on SHFC 37inch long. RG 1.1

25/03/2018 Lukasz Jastrzab hooked and lost fish in Weirend on a plug fished on a bouncing betty.

25/04/2018 14lb salmon from Weirend on Flying C to Lukasz Jastrzab RG 0.7

25/04/2018 10lb hen fish on a snaelda fly to Matt Cooper from Weirend RG 0.7

26/04/2018 Thurs 21lb 98cm (39inch) Flying C from Weirend Lukasz Jastrzab RG 0.75

28/04/2018 Lukasz Jastrzab hooked and lost a fish estimated to be in the mid-teens on Benhall on a black and silver Flying C

28/04/2018 10lb Jason Tapp caught a hen fish from the eddy behind the fallen tree on Weirend on a black and gold pot bellied pig. RG 0.78

08/05/2018 20.5lb cock fish to Richard Woodhouse on a Stoats tail tube fly from the Cubberley bank. Int line with sink tip. RG 0.58

10/05/2018 Russ Dilks hooked and lost fish around 20lb when the hook straightened he was fishing bottom of Weirend, fly marauder. RG 0.52

10/05/2018 Lukasz Jastrzab hooked and lost a fish on Benhall. He was fishing upstream with an orange F/C RG 0.52

16/05/2018 Trevor Hyde hooked and lost a fish in Weirend wading just above the croy quite close in. Stripping a sunray type fly. Took with a bang and broke the cast. RG 0.42

2/10/2018 Coloured 10lb cock from Benhall small shrimp pattern fished fast. Matt Cooper RG 0.35

5/10/2018 9lb hen fish from Weirend small shrimp fly. Matt Cooper RG 0.35

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