Ross Angling Club suspend fishing.

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With the River being at an extremely low level and the hot weather predicted to continue the Committee of the Ross Angling Club have decided that all fishing in Club sections of the River Wye will be suspended until further notice. The suspension will cover all Club Members and those wanting to fish the River on Day Tickets.

The move by the Club is reflected up and down the River with Hereford and District introducing a similar ban along with waters managed by the Barbel Society. The Club will be erecting notices at all major points of access and Bailiffs will continue to patrol as usual. Action may be taken against those who are found fishing during the period with will end when the River and weather conditions are deemed to be back to normal.


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This decision has not been taken lightly but with River conditions echoing those of 1976 the Club must go as far as possible to protect the stocks of fish in the River. The extreme hot weather means that levels of oxygen will be affected by the abundant growth of weed in the River this summer especially overnight. Numerous Barbel and salmon have been found dead up and down the River over the past couple of weeks.

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