First Salmon of 2018 from Ross AC waters.

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After all the snow, freezing temperatures, floods and high water since the Beast from the East came to visit us at the start of the salmon season things have at last come good.

Ace salmon fisher Jon Daniels caught the first fresh salmon from Ross AC waters today. The fish measuring 37 inches and weighing 19lb came to a single hook flying C from waters at Weirend and swam off strongly on release. Hopefully the first of many for the 2018 season.

Member Lukasz Jastrzab also hooked and lost a salmon from the same spot just a few hours after Jon on a paternostered plug. The fish found its freedom when the hook straightened under the strain of the battle. So there appears to be a few fish running the River.

Click the photo for a bigger image.


The River is coming into fine fettle now after holding up the start of fishing for 3 weeks.

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