River conditions for start of Salmon season.

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Friday 2nd March – Wye is low and clear for the start of the salmon angling season on Saturday 3rd March. The weather conditions are very much against the angler with temperatures forecast to remain at or below zero for the next few days plus about a foot of snow. Temperatures into next week are due to warm up so we’ll have a big thaw with floods.


Photos show a phenomena known of as Grue (mini ice floes) floating in the Wye today at Wilton Bridge and the Hope and Anchor. Photos courtesy of Jon Daniels and Mike Hoddell.



However short term river conditions are about as good as they get this time of year. With the River Wye at 0.53 metres on the Environment Agency Ross gauge any salmon are likely to remain in the lower river around Ross because the water level is low and obviously cold and fish are deterred from running. So despite the cold weather members have an excellent window of opportunity before the temperature rises next week causing snows in the Welsh mountains to melt bringing a spate and allowing the salmon to head further up the River.

Salmon members wanting advice on where to go on Ross AC waters contact Trevor on the phone number listed in your membership card.



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