Before our very eyes!

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In the last post on the state of the River Wye and the effects the current phosphate and other nutrients entering the River ROSSATBS wrote:-

I don’t say this lightly, it must be understood that the River is experiencing pollution on a level that could mean the end of this magnificent River as we know it. This level of pollution is affecting everything in the River from the plants growing in it to the fish and the small creatures that they feed upon. The birds such as kingfishers, herons and swans who will have little to feed on.

All Members must have noticed the lack of Ranunculus Aquatilis common name is Water Crowfoot. For the last two years and especially this year this plant has struggled to grow in the Wye. The reason is lack of light. Like all plants in your garden, in fields and hedgerows and in the river they need light for them to grow. With the desperate state of the Wye currently it has gone from a crystal clear river where you could see every individual stone on the bottom with a casual glance over the bridge to an opaque sludge filled ditch whose colour varies between that of pea soup and mulligatawny soup.

The clarity of the River has gone right down so now you would be hard pressed to see 9 or 10 inches into it. Without light the plants can’t grow and the chances are after a couple of growing seasons like this year the Crowfoot will have disappeared completely.

As one of the Members put it in a recent email to me. “Anglers notice first with most of the general public just thinking it still looks pretty!!!!!”

It’s my belief that we are already seeing the impact of the disappearance of the Water Crowfoot in that I am not aware of any cygnets this year on the stretches of the Wye fished by our Members.

So look long and hard at the photos in this post and weep. This is what the Wye looked like as recently as 2018 and if something is not done quickly the damage will have been done.

If you don’t hold with this opinion and think it’ll sort itself out feel free to contact me with your view of this dystopian nightmare, will find me.

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