Quiet start to season.

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Could be that the Euros had an impact on the start of the season especially as Wales were playing Turkey today but I found it very quiet when I went looking for anglers on our waters this evening.

In total I only found 6 members out on the Wye although I know a few made a dawn start for an early session.

I found Charlie Povey fishing just downstream of Wilton Bridge. Charlie was ledgering swimfeeder with a long link using with worm and luncheon meat as bait and had only managed to catch one small roach. He rejoined Ross AC this year after moving to Ross to live.
He says he is technically retired and uses fishing as therapy.
Mark Price from Gloucester was fishing Five Trees on Weirend with his mate Scott Twistleton. When I met them they were blanked but were going to stop until dusk in the hope something would take their bait. They were fishing swim feeder tactics. Mark believes in small hooks and bait this time of the year.

The weekend should see an increase in the number of anglers on the bank. But I would advise anyone to fish early and late because of the number of standup boards, kayaks and canoes that are on the River now with it seems everybody having a staycation instead of jetting away to foreign climes!

Finally I’ll make my usual appeal for any photos of fish members catch for the website. Send them to me on barbarian18@live.co.uk. I’d be especially interested in any perch or carp that come from our waters. I’ll keep the location secret if that is what you want. Trevor.

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