Big flood for this time of the year.

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Big flood for the middle of May.

We don’t often see floods of this magnitude in May. This photo was taken when I took the dog for a walk in the Riverside Park at Ross on Saturday 22nd May.

The water level at 1130 when I took the photo was just over 3.0 metres and still rising. The water will continue to rise until it gets to about 3.5 metres at about 1800 on Saturday and will probably still rise until about midnight peaking I think close to 4 metres. The park will be under water by then which is very unusual for May. It’s not unprecedented, back in July 2007 we had the Great Flood when the Wye reached close to 5 metres and much of the low lying areas on both the Wye and the Severn was flooded.

Some of the rubbish swept down river passed Ross in the flood.

The Ross Club’s salmon members have already been kept from the River by the torrential rain and high river levels which has been with us for two weeks now and this latest flood will certainly curtail any fishing for at least another week. Realistically river levels need to be down to less than 1 metre on the Ross on Wye Environment Agency gauge at the Hope and Anchor before Salmon fishing can be viable.

The River can be dangerous at these high levels but I still saw one inflatable canoe on the water today in amongst all the tree trunks, rafts of debris and plastic bottle etc. racing down with the current. People should be aware of the dangers posed by the Wye when it is in full flood. Tragedy waiting to happen??

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