Independent reports on the sad state of our glorious River Wye.

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This is not intended to be a campaigning website, it is just a website intended to keep Club Members and other anglers interested in the River Wye and it’s fishing up to date with the activities of Ross AC.

However there are times when it is imperative that issues affecting the River are brought to the attention of the community at large. So I make no apologies in bringing the state of the River Wye to your attention.

Attached are three reports written by Gordon Green a member of the Wye Salmon Association who did much of the hard work during lockdown last year.

A lot of you who fish for coarse fish may think it’s got nothing to do with me, you could not be more wrong.

Geoff Franks who writes the reports for the Wye in the Trout and Salmon magazine refers to these reports when he writes
“I think that WSA member Gordon Green should be congratulated by everyone for his detailed and no doubt time consuming work on his three papers that outlined the dangers facing our rivers now and in years to come.   A damning indictment of the failure of successive EA and NRW bodies to address the problem in any real way whatsoever over the years and completely fail to see the problem developing.”

I completely echo Geoff’s sentiments in this post on the Ross AC website and below you’ll find them. I know some may not have the stomach to read these reports but I urge Members and others to at least have a quick read of them.

Trevor Hyde.

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