Work parties off to a good start.

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The first Work Party was carried out today at Weirend and was judged a success by Gary Kent(Vice Chairman) who said “13 members attended, swims 76a upstream to swim 65 were cleared. A brilliant job done by all”.

“Mike Evans and Trevor Hyde had already undertaken some clearing work last weekend so a massive thanks to them.”

Weirend carpark full of willing volunteers at first Work Party.

The maintenance days are also socially rewarding and are a great opportunity to meet other members (in a socially distanced way) and share knowledge about our waters.

Let Colin know if you are coming to future work parties at so we can assess our resources.  Alternatively, just show up on the day.

The Club have a limited amount of tools for the work, so please bring a saw or loppers along with gloves etc. (To make sure we comply with the terms of our liability insurance, please don’t bring a chain saw unless you can demonstrate that you hold an appropriate qualification in chainsaw use and you also have the requisite protective equipment.)

Work parties will be carried out in accordance with guidance on Covid-19 prevention measures current at the time of each event.

The Dates of all the Work Parties are below. Do your best to attend at least one of them. The Club have included both weekdays and week-ends to accommodate most members.

10:00 – Wed 14 April  Weir End Car park
10:00 – Sat 24 April  Wilton Bridge
10:00 – Sat 8 May  Wilton Bridge
10:00 – Wed 12 May  Weir End Car Park
10:00 – Sat 29 May TBC
10:00 – Sat 5 June   TBC
10:00 – Wed 9 June TBC

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