Now here’s a difficult post to write.

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Gary Kent Vice Chairman of Ross AC thought he’d have a couple of hours spinning this morning at Weirend but he was not prepared for what he found down there in one of the swims.

He told me over the phone that someone perhaps a member but maybe not had decided the swim was the place to perform one of natures necessities but instead of going to the trouble of digging a hole just left it complete with toilet paper on the ground without any attempt to deal with it in a more appropriate manner.

To add extra insult it was accompanied with a couple of empty beer cans just thrown in the bushes.

Ross Angling Club reminds members that any rubbish should be taken away with them at the end of their fishing session it is written in the Club rules. They brought it with them and it is not too onerous to take it away when they leave. So no beer cans, sandwich wrappers, crisp packets or anything else left behind.

Gary also told me that he found an important and obviously expensive item of tackle at a spot nearby and if anyone wants to reclaim the item would they phone Gary on 07836 675567 with a description of the item.

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