All Members – Gate codes are about to change.

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It is the end of January and this Sunday morning the codes to the carpark gates and website are going to change.

Mike the Bailiff will be out bright and early Sunday morning 31st January 2021 to change the padlock codes to those that are printed on your 2021 membership card. So please be aware. As normal it will be the same code for both Benhall and Weirend and access to members only bits on the website.

It has happened in other years that members have been trapped in the carpark when we have changed the code after they’ve already gone fishing. Please bear that in mind when you return to your car and you can’t get out of the carpark DON’T think the lock is broken, it will be using the new code. If I get an opportunity I’ll put a sticker on the lock to say it has changed.

So have a good look at your membership card the new code is clearly marked on the back of the card. If you have yet to receive your card and you are fishing this weekend Mike the bailiff is available on 07815 099573 should you have any problems with the lock.

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