Time to renew your Membership for 2021.

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It’s that time of the year again, time to renew your Membership of Ross on Wye Angling Club.

Nick Simmonds your Membership Secretary has started to ball rolling and renewals are coming in at a steady rate but it is important to remember that you have until 30th January 2021 to renew your membership so anytime during this period will mean your Membership will be renewed. This year for the first time the whole Membership will have to renew using Clubmate which Ross AC are using to streamline the process of Membership management.

At this moment the Clubmate site is labouring a bit under the number of renewals and as a consequence you are getting two renewals, so if you are having trouble logging in there is no rush, perhaps try later in the day or week ends. However on 30th January the renewal “window” will close and if you try to renew later than 30th January you will need to set up a new membership, which will include the additional joining fee of £25. After 30th January we start to invite applicants from the waiting list to join and when membership is full no further applications or renewals for 2021 will be considered.

Members will be expected to provide a passport style photograph/image and you can download one of these if you wish or you’ll find that Clubmate allows the individual the opportunity to take an image using the software on the Clubmate website. So you can do this using the camera on your phone or laptop. Lastly make sure you pick the correct membership category from the options displayed on the Clubmate site, read the options very carefully before clicking your option. The Membership Secretary will check for incorrect input. I know of one Member already that has made this mistake.

As happens every year the carpark gate codes will change on the 30th January when Head Bailiff Mike Evans will change to the codes for 2021

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