River fishing well for Ross AC Members.

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There are some superb fish coming from Ross Club waters at the moment. I was talking to a member fishing the Town Water who had taken a keepnet full of dace up to 10oz, small chub around the 1lb mark and a couple of roach around the 12oz mark. All the fish came to maggot and hempseed feed on stick float tactics. Roach would be a welcome return.

This appears to be personal best week. Kim Harman fished Weirend and took a personal best chub. He told me that it was a bit of a struggle for bites today at Weir End but was delighted with his new personal best chub of 6lb 1oz. He caught it from a popular spot the bay above the salmon hut as all the hot pegs had gone when he arrived. I had 2 more chub around the 4lb mark. The fish were caught on pellet/groundbait feeder cast out into the faster water in the middle of the River.

Kim Harman’s 6lb 1oz personal best Chub.

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