Bad year for Ross AC as salmon season ends.

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Covid 19 is probably responsible for the worst salmon season for 6 years as it ended for Ross Club anglers on 17th October. Normally Ross waters are considered at their best in the spring with March and April being the months when Club anglers make their best catches with fish like Jon Daniels 30lb fish caught last year. This year however after just a week or so after the salmon season started “Lockdown” came along and that was it until 13th May when the best chances were gone.

We did start again on 13th May when Richard Woodhouse caught two salmon within days of the restart but unfortunately that was the total for the year, TWO.

6lb hen salmon for Roy Jacobs.

Being a fishy tale there is a twist in the tail of this story. During the week after the salmon season closed I know of two salmon caught on Ross AC waters in the town park. One to Roy Jacobs of 6lb (pictured) which he caught whilst fishing for pike and a hen fish to Jon Daniels which weighed 10lbs which he caught on a Polish polsping spoon when he was targeting perch.

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