Do you get what you pay for?

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Do you get value for money when buying Ebay copies.

Above are three floating shad plugs. The top one is an original Rapala Shad plug designed in Finland and assembled in Estonia. It cost £13.95. With the middle plug I thought I’d found a bargain in a lookalike from a tackle shop in Cumbria called John Norris who sells on the internet, it cost me £4.99. In the last month I had a tip from someone on a forum to have a look on Ebay and found a set of TEN plugs in various colours and the cost of these shad copies was £5.23 for TEN in other words they cost 52p each and with free postage all the way from China.

All 3 plugs are exactly the same weight at 13 grams. The build looks to me more or less identical with a stainless steel wire chassis, holographic colour scheme and the action in the water looks identical. The only difference and very easy to miss, the eye on the cheap Chinese plug is red.

The moral of this little story. Well if everyone buys the cheap Chinese plugs the likes of Rapala will go bust and we’ll lose companies who put research and time into designing good kit for us anglers. The choice however is ours!

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