We know the stiles are falling down…

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New stile coming soon to replace this one.

A few members have pointed out to us that two stiles on Upper Benhall are decidedly wobbly in fact more than that.

We have two new stiles on order and they will be erected within the next couple of weeks. We are going to install a plank bridge at one of the stile locations as it can be quite difficult to climb the stile then cross the ditch when the ground is slippery after rain.

Installing a plank bridge at this location and a two step stile to help those not as agile as they used to be.

These are the last two stiles to be replaced on Benhall. Over the last two years Ross AC will have replaced all 6 stiles on the beat.

If any member spots something that need attention don’t hesitate to mention it to one of the Committee or contact one of the Clubs officers whose contact details are on your membership cards.

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