Monster Trout for Rob.

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8lb 4oz Trout caught from Ross AC waters on an imitation roach lure.

Rob Leather took this monster when he went down to the Wye with his son never really meaning to fish at all, but when he spotted perch crashing into baitfish he borrowed a 13 foot float rod to put a spinner through the area.

In his words Rob told me, “after an upstream cast the rod bent double and a large silver streak rolled just below the surface. Then all hell broke loose with the fish first screaming upstream, then downstream and then towards the nearside bushes. The long rod was just enough to keep the fish out.”

Rob did consider jumping in the River to get a better pulling angle. His son helped to land the trout and take some photos. The fish spent some time resting in the landing net before being released back into the River.

There is a debate going on within the Club as to whether it was a trout or a sea trout and Rob took the trouble to take a scale so that it can be confirmed one way or the other. Rob says catching it still feels like a dream which it would be for most anglers!

Trout or sea trout, what do you think?

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