Concerns grow about Wye algae.

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Many anglers and environmentalists have noticed that the clear waters of the River Wye have become a putrid green colour again this year during April and May due to a severe algal bloom not helped by unseasonal high temperatures. Exacerbated now by low flows and abstraction for crop watering the cause of the bloom may be down to a large increase in the amount of phosphate which finds it’s way into the Wye where it acts as a fertiliser. We are told by the likes of the Wye and Usk Foundation that the amount of phosphate in the lower Wye coming from agriculture has doubled in the last six years and so again this year as last year the water has turned to pea soup.

Wye near Monmouth in May this year.

The River Wye is considered a Welsh river for the purposes of administration and a premier charity for the River The Wye and Usk foundation are so concerned about the current state of the Wye that they have openly criticised the Welsh Governments environmental organisation Natural Resources Wales(NRW) and local planning authorities in Wales.

The once crystal clear waters of the River Wye now thick with algal bloom.

Ross Angling Club are members of an organisation called the Angling Trust/ Fish Legal. The Committee at Ross Angling Club are so concerned by the current state of the River have asked the Angling Trust’s legal arm “Fish Legal” to look into the algae problem on behalf of the Club.

What can the individual do to put pressure on the NRW to fully investigate and resolve this problem. Firstly write to your MP if you live in England or AM if you live in Wales and express your serious concerns about the state of the River Wye. The Club Chairman can give you a proforma letter as a guide to expressing those concerns. If you are into social media follow Affonyd Cymru, WUF and WSA and comment on posts and “like”. Government now follow social media to see what people care about and this is important for the future of your River Wye which is supposed to be a SSSI river at the moment there is little agitation coming from anglers and other interested parties on the River this will only serve to continue the situation. We need to stamp our feet shout and make ourselves heard.

If the situation continues without improvement then the effects on tourism and the local economy is difficult to calculate but action is required now.

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