Covid 19 Update for Anglers on Ross AC waters.

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Relaxation of the regulations to control the spread of COVID-19 now allow anglers to once again fish Ross AC waters on the River Wye. The Committee of the Club have been working to put in place measures that will ensure that the Club comply both with the Governments guidelines and the guidance from the Angling Trust who have worked hard on our behalf to assure the Government that is is again safe to allow anglers on the bank. We would not be in the position of fishing again at this stage were it not for the efforts of the Angling Trust putting forward the anglers case to the Government. So the Committee of Ross AC wholeheartedly recommended that any angler join the Trust.


We are still finalising these rules so we reserve the right to develop them in the light of new regulations coming from the Government or guidance from the Angling Trust.

Club members and Day Ticket anglers should familiarise themselves with the Angling Trust guidelines on fishing during the Covid epidemic and can be found on this link

Anglers both Day Ticket and Club Members are reminded of the risks that are posed by car sharing with anyone not belonging to their household en route to the fishing venue. So don’t do it.

The Club is suspending the use of the salmon hut, this only affects salmon members and bailiffs. The hut is locked with a different lock and is unavailable until further notice.

Guest tickets are NOT available in any circumstances for the foreseeable future to any member of Ross AC, whether it be for a coarse or salmon guest ticket.

Any maintenance activity is suspended unless approved by a member of the Committee. Any work sanctioned will be carried out only in pairs adopting Government distancing guidelines of 2 metres.

Individual anglers must only fish in designated marked swims and ensure they are at least 15 metres from adjacent anglers. Swims can only be shared by members of the same household.

The current situation is that Ross Town Waters will be available to Day Tickets anglers from the start of the coarse fishing season on 16th June 2020. The Club Bailiff selling tickets is adopting a hands off method of ticket selling and will wear appropriate PPE to prevent any risk of onward transmission of the virus. This may seems excessive to many but we must ensure our bailiffs are protected. All anglers are reminded that they must comply with the directions of bailiffs when fishing our waters. The Committee of Ross AC intend to continuously review the sale of day tickets if conditions or new regulation dictate and it is possible that the Club may suspend the sale of day tickets. Any angler failing to abide by these rules or failing to comply with instruction from the bailiff will be asked to leave the water. Any Club Member unwilling to comply with these rules will have their membership terminated.

It is important to abide by social distancing rules when unloading fishing tackle in the Club car parks and if anglers cannot do this because of the number of anglers present remain in your car until some of the other members have left the car park either to go to the River or leave the car park. Our Car parks see many anglers during a summer day and locks/gates are opened and closed many times each day. It is imperative that members carry gloves/ hand sanitiser to avoid the risk of infection.

All other Club rules still apply. These rules are not intended to replace any other Club rules and are only in force for the duration of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Committee of Ross Angling Club urged all anglers to follow these rules with the utmost rigour. Covid-19 is an exceedingly nasty disease and the rules we have introduced are there to keep everyone safe and keep our fisheries open during this difficult year. Tightlines and keep safe.

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