First day back, First salmon!

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First day salmon fishing after the Lockdown and we have the first salmon of the year to Richard Woodhouse. I’ll let Richard give his own description of the capture.

“The take was like that of a trout exactly where another member had seen a fish a few days ago. I was fishing a full floating line and a self tied size 8 short shank Usk Grub fly. There was a splashy boil and a flash of silver and at first I thought it was a chub until it started shaking it’s head. Initial quiet fight until it woke up and thought Monmouth was a better option.” The fish took Richards floating shooting head, 30 yards of shooting line and about 70 yards of backing. Having regained the line the fish had one more try with yards of backing out before it was netted. The cockfish weighed in at 12lb and was unhooked and went back nicely.

It was so close to a red letter day as Richard hooked and lost another Salmon further up the River after 3 or 4 minutes of head shaking from the fish when it threw the hook.

New member Oliver Burch also made brief contact with a Salmon in Weirend it was on for a few minutes then off. Several Club anglers made it to the River for the restart including me but drew blanks again.

The Wye is desperate for Water it is as low as I’ve ever seen it in the middle of May and if the weather remains as sunny as it is the propects look bleak for the coarse anglers who start in a months time. We need rain and there is nothing of that nature in the forecast.

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