Tree work in the Park.

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Members and visiting anglers will be pleased with the work done on Riverside trees in the Park. Tree surgeons working during the “Lockdown” for the Town Council have been working their way through the park pollarding the willows and alders there. Tourists have been making their opinion clear over the last few years that when walking in the Park the River cannot be seen. The work is making a very noticeable difference and our Club will find we will have a net gain in the number of swims in the Park. However the Club will need to some extra work when the time is right to trim some of the branches that still reach out across the River. Ordinarily work of this nature would stop at the beginning of March but this year, after the winter floods is very different. Surveys by the tree surgeons for nesting birds would have been carried out before work commenced.

The inevitable erosion of the banks in the Park continues and has done some damage to the fishing platform erected by Ross AC downstream of the canoes launch. We will have to try to fix this on a work party in better times.

Fishing platform damaged by the floods. The damage can be seen right in the middle of the photo where one of the steps has collapsed.

The Club are very happy with the work carried out. Large trees like the Willows and Alders in the Park have a terrific rate of regrowth but we will now stand a much better chance of keeping on top of the problem.

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