Prospects for the start of the Salmon season.

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I could just say there aren’t any prospects for salmon fishing this year but that is too negative because this Wonderful River always manages to surprise us at Ross AC.

Salmon from Ross AC waters in 2018.

However realistically prospects for the start of the season next Tuesday 3rd March look bleak. I think it unlikely that the River will be below 2 metres measured on the Ross on Wye gauge in which case if there is any fishing it will be off the bank in the usual places on Weirend and Benhall close in, out of the main flow. I did notice today that the colour is already dropping out of the water but more rain is forecast for the days leading up to next Tuesday.

Wye at Wilton Bridge still in flood.

Fishing off our banks does not lend itself easily to fly fishing so I’d suggest that the only viable method will be spinning. I urge all members to read carefully the new salmon fishing regulations which can be found on the Salmon Rules page of this website.

Let’s hope for a good season for the Club, last year we had 3 salmon on the first day. Tightlines to all on the Wye for the 2020 season.

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