Floods wreak havoc for Club.

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Club boat filled with debris from the Wye.

In the recent record floods it was impossible for the Ross Angling Club to save their boats and hut from the deluge. Fortunately the bankside trees and bushes prevented the boats from being swept away this time which was the fate of the previous boats. The floods did wreck the boat stands and fill the hut with mud.

I had to force the door open as the furniture had floated behind it.

It appears the hut suffered only superficial damage but we have yet to have a proper inspection as the Wye remains high and likely to reflood at some stage. The water got to a height of about 4ft inside the hut but fortunately did not get to the height of any electrics.

You can clearly see the mark left by the floods on the door in the photo.

But spring is just round the corner and for those who get out of the house for a walk can soon come across lifting sights like the one I found on the River bank in the photo below.

Daffodils flowering on the banks of the Wye.

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