The shape of salmon fishing to come!

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Things will change big time for all salmon anglers on the Wye this coming season as new stringent regulations are introduced by the Environment Agency who are reflecting the new rules set by Natural resources Wales for all Rivers that flow through Wales wholly or in part as does the Wye.

Spinners and lures such as Tobies and Mepps will be permitted just one single hook which must also be debarbed and must have a hook gape( the distance between the shank and the point) of 13mm or less. In the past anglers have been permitted to use treble hooks.

Lures such as these Atlantic spoons can have only one single debarbed hook.
Lures such as these Rapala plugs are permitted up to three debarbed single hooks.
Spinners such as these Mepps and Reflex must only have one debarbed single hook.

There is a full set of rules for the salmon anglers under the Salmon Fishing page which I ask all those members of the Club who fish for salmon to read and become familiar with.

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