Wye hit new heights in torrential rain.

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River in the fields below the Weirend Carpark.

River Wye has hit a new record height during the floods over the weekend. After the torrential rain of Saturday and Sunday when as much as 8 inch of rain fell in the Welsh mountain and nearly 5 inch of rain fell locally the River rose to 4.77 metres peaking late on Sunday. This is the worst flood since the major summer flood of 2007. Watchers on the Wilton Bridge saw chicken huts and picnic tables go floating by in amongst all the usual detritus of a flood.

Floods at the salmon hut.

The Club planned a work party for Saturday which was cancelled at the last minute when we realised just how much rain was due. Despite standing on legs about 4 feet off the ground the salmon hut was flooded for the first time in many years. The Committee have yet to get into the hut to assess any damage.

No where to walk the dog. Riverside park at Ross.

It will be a few days before members will be able to get back on the bank for fishing but it is timely to remind everyone that after floods the banks of the River can be so slippery as to be postively dangerous so the watch word is TAKE CARE.

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