Rain threatens to spoil the start!

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The long awaited Coarse fishing season starts on Sunday but the expected rush to the River may be tempered by the almost continuous rain the Wye catchment has suffered this week. Currently the River is at 2.5 metres and although it is in its banks it is running very coloured. I expect the 16th June will find the River at around the 2 metre mark as more rain is due to fall early Friday morning. So different to last year when we suffered a drought through the early weeks of coarse fishing and Ross AC had to close the fishery for a period. Expect the River to be carrying a lot of debris as the abundant water crowfoot is swept away by the rising water.

New Benhall carpark.

The rain has also delayed the opening of the new Club carpark on Benhall lane. The contractors have put up the fence but have been unable to complete the gravel surface because of the amount of rain we have had. It can bee seen from the photo how wet things are down there but as soon as things dry up the gravel will be laid and the carpark opened. The gate will have a combination lock like Weirend and the combination will be the same and is on your Membership cards. So no early morning phone calls to Committee members please.

Finally on a sad note. The Club has learned today that Wye Angling the fishing tackle shop in Hall Croft, Ross will close this week just before the start of the season. Kevin one of the owners has been taken seriously ill and will be unable to carry on with the shop. Kevin and Dennis, the other owner, have always been good to the Club with sales of Day tickets and ready advice for visiting anglers calling in the Shop. Day Tickets for visiting anglers will still be available for the Town Water on the Riverbank from Club Bailiffs.

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