Benhall Access

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We’ve had a serious complaint from the farmer at Benhall Farm which could result in the loss of access. All members must follow the correct route to the River and not walk across the middle of any field and must walk beside the Wye along the top of the bank. The access gate to Benhall Farm at the end of Benhall Lane must be kept clear and not blocked in anyway. Cars will be parked in such a manner as not to impede farm vehicles. The Clubs negotiations with our landlords and the Farmer for a new carpark at the end of the Lane are jeopardised if there are any further infringements of the rules for access. The Club will take action against any member who is found to have broken these rules which will include forfeit of membership and the Farmer will send the Club Chairman details of cars found to be parked inappropriately.

The photos below should make clear the route to the River to be taken by members.

Park on the right close to the fence. There is capacity for 3 cars only until we have a carpark.
As the sign says go through the gate, turn right and walk along track for 100metres.

Turn left and walk down the line of the hedge to the River. There will be a stile at this point to help anglers over the electric fence which can be seen in the foreground.

All members must use the route indicated. It only takes the selfish act of one member to spoil things for the whole membership so please be aware. The Membership Secretary as also circulated a note to all Members reiterating the need to stick to the approved route.

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