The Story so far, Salmon update

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So far Ross Club salmon anglers have landed 5 fish making us the top beat on the River. However it may not last long once the top beats up and downstream of us get in to their stride as the water drops further. For the moment we’ll bask in the sunshine.

Jon Daniels 23lb henfish.

Fish so far. 13lb fish to Matt Cooper from Benhall (picture in earlier post) on a green and yellow fly.

Another 13lb hen fish to new member Andrew Llewellyn on a single hook Flying C.

8lb fish with sea lice on its head to Club Stalwart Jon Daniels from Wilton Bridge on a single hook Flying C. All 3 fish were caught on the first day of the season, so we were off to a flying start. Then along came the floods which stopped salmon fishing for 3 weeks.

After the flood on 26th March Jon Daniels scored a notable fish of 23lb from Weirend on a SHFC and the following day Steve Boswell landed a 10lb fish from Weirend croys on a Willie Gunn Snaelda fly.

Steve Boswells 10lb before release.

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