Tree work in the Park.

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Members and visiting anglers will be pleased with the work done on Riverside trees in the Park. Tree surgeons working during the “Lockdown” for the Town Council have been working their way through the park pollarding the willows and alders … Continued

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The Wye at Ross in the Lockdown.

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Like many Members and the public in general I cannot go to visit my River Wye during the “Lockdown” currently in force with this dreadful covid pandemic. So I jumped at the opportunity I had today to kill two birds … Continued

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Big Perch about..

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Member John Cheyne scored his personal best Perch from the Wye on Ross AC’s Lower Benhall stretch in the last week of the Coarse fishing season. The handsome giant fish weighed in at 3lb 14oz and came to a slow … Continued

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Prospects for the start of the Salmon season.

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I could just say there aren’t any prospects for salmon fishing this year but that is too negative because this Wonderful River always manages to surprise us at Ross AC. However realistically prospects for the start of the season next … Continued

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Floods wreak havoc for Club.

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In the recent record floods it was impossible for the Ross Angling Club to save their boats and hut from the deluge. Fortunately the bankside trees and bushes prevented the boats from being swept away this time which was the … Continued

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The shape of salmon fishing to come!

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Things will change big time for all salmon anglers on the Wye this coming season as new stringent regulations are introduced by the Environment Agency who are reflecting the new rules set by Natural resources Wales for all Rivers that … Continued

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It’s all change for salmon anglers on the Wye from this season onward. Only single hooks are permitted on spinners and spoons and there are new regulations covering salmon flies. This comes as salmon numbers in the Wye continue to … Continued

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Good Chub bag after the floods.

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Don’t forget fishing Ross Club waters is more than belting out a big feeder and sitting all day motionless whilst watching the rod tip nod away in the breeze. Committee man Rob Leather proved this when he caught this bag … Continued

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