Super Mirror from Weirend.

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To raise the mood on the website I thought news of this super mirror carp caught earlier this season from Weirend might do the trick. The beautiful carp was caught by Member Craig Langton using fairly straightforward carp tactics with … Continued

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Before our very eyes!

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In the last post on the state of the River Wye and the effects the current phosphate and other nutrients entering the River ROSSATBS wrote:- I don’t say this lightly, it must be understood that the River is experiencing pollution … Continued

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Club Committee have decided early it is safe to open the Club waters again for coarse angling from Friday 30th July onwards. Current cooler weather with more cloudy conditions mean that it is safe for the fish once again. However … Continued

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Steve takes an unusual stray!

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Steve Phipps fishing as a guest of Trevor Hyde was expecting chub or barbel so was surprised when he caught an unusual stray in the form of a rainbow trout on swimfeeder and worm bait. The fish was not weighed … Continued

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First proper barbel for Kim.

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Kim Harman sent me this photo of his first “Proper barbel” that he caught from the Clubs productive Weirend stretch. Standard swimfeeder tactics won the day. 197 total views, 1 views today

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Disastrous year for Wye Salmon.

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I have interspersed this post with pictures of salmon caught in Ross waters in happier times in the recent past so as to lighten the tone of the article or we’ll all be reaching for the razor blades but sincerely … Continued

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Quiet start to season.

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Could be that the Euros had an impact on the start of the season especially as Wales were playing Turkey today but I found it very quiet when I went looking for anglers on our waters this evening. In total … Continued

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Just a few days until the Season starts!!

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Club members out there will be making sure their fishing kit is ready for the new season which starts on the 16th June. With this in mind I asked member and Committee man John Cheyne to let us know his … Continued

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Big flood for this time of the year.

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We don’t often see floods of this magnitude in May. This photo was taken when I took the dog for a walk in the Riverside Park at Ross on Saturday 22nd May. The water level at 1130 when I took … Continued

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