Nice Pike from Wilton

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There are some nice well conditioned pike coming from our waters at the moment like this one that fell to Derek Williams last Saturday deadbaiting with half a mackerel. It is Dereks personal best pike. Membership Sec Nick Simmonds happened … Continued

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Second personal best in one week!

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With the weather and river looking good, Paul Dowgill headed back to the Ross waters for hopefully more barbel. After 6 hours without a touch, as he started to put his kit away a short pull on the tip signalled … Continued

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11lb 12oz PB barbel for Paul.

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After a handful of 2-3lb chub on the feeder and not a barbel in sight, a switch of swims paid off with short drop back of the tip resulting in a 10 minute fight and a PB Wye barbel of … Continued

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New PB pike for Graham Elliot.

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Deadbaiting in the Riverside slacks with floating deadbait on a rising river Graham Elliot scored this magnificent Pike this week on Ross AC waters a new personal best. Graham says he does not fish much for pike, probably as well … Continued

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Having problems with Locks??

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Mike Evans Head Bailiff was puzzled to find two vehicle parked where they should not have been at Weirend. So he went off in search of their owners thinking poachers! When he found the anglers fishing on Weirend they told … Continued

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Bad year for Ross AC as salmon season ends.

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Covid 19 is probably responsible for the worst salmon season for 6 years as it ended for Ross Club anglers on 17th October. Normally Ross waters are considered at their best in the spring with March and April being the … Continued

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New stiles are in..

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The new stiles are installed on Benhall so no more dodgy moments getting your leg over! We’ve erected a plank bridge over the ditch at one location as the sides of the ditch gets very slippery as we move into … Continued

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Do you get what you pay for?

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Above are three floating shad plugs. The top one is an original Rapala Shad plug designed in Finland and assembled in Estonia. It cost £13.95. With the middle plug I thought I’d found a bargain in a lookalike from a … Continued

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Pike about on Club waters.

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Another nice pike this is the second I’ve reported in 2 days. This one came to Paul Unsworth Club Secretary who was deadbaiting a sardine at Wilton Bridge. This pike weighed 10lb, not a giant but a good reason to … Continued

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